• Jun 09, 2009
    Yes, I realize I have very…specific interests, but there is nothing, nothing, nothing I love more than–or delights me as much as–finding out things about Superman than I didn’t know before.  In fact, I’m not even sure I knew that was possible at this point. But I’ve just spent the last three days... more
  • Jun 08, 2009
    Subcategory: Perfectly innocent ads.  From the Charlton comics of summer 1985:
  • Jun 03, 2009
    15 MINUTES WITH WAID - My Good Friend, Jack Daniel's
  • May 29, 2009
    Barcelona is a marvelous city.  I’m here at the Hotel Catalana attending the nearby 27th International Barcelona Comics Fair. It makes San Diego Comicon look small.  Last year, they had over 120,000 guests. This year, they hope for more. They are good people. I’m here with Jim Lee, Diego Olmos and... more